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Is This Service For You?

We recruit the best Health & Social Care and Childcare staff available by advertising vacancies on some of the UK leading job boards, searching for relevant CVs bespoke to your recruitment campaign, shortlisting and qualifying all candidates and utilising our extensive experience all for an affordable, one-off cost.

Effective. Efficient. Economical.

We understand that you may already have a recruiter working with your company; however, this service works in tandem with your recruiter. Your recruiter will still need to attend and arrange interviews, send application forms and apply for references and DBS, etc.

The Service

The Service

No Contracts

Campaigns purchased on an individual or bulk basis, depending on how many jobs you have, only buy what you need, when you need it. Pay as you go - no contracts or monthly commitments​

UK Leading Job Boards

Vacancies advertised on some of the UK leading job boards and on our own website, always using the latest technology available to attract quality candidates

Fully Stocked Database 

Our market leading database holds thousands of job seekers which will be targeted with job mail shots about your specific vacancies

CV Searching 

CVs searched on job boards tailored to your specific recruitment needs. We will also set up CV Alerts to secure new talent without them having to directly apply for your vacancy

Job Spec Creation

You will be assigned a dedicated care recruitment expert that can assist you with your job advert creation to ensure maximum attraction and utilising applicant 'key word' searching​


Fully Managed

We support your recruitment drive from a job by job basis to a fully managed, outsourced recruitment function, providing updates throughout your campaign to keep you informed

4 Easy Steps




We take a care vacancy to work on. The more vacancies you need to fill, the cheaper the price per vacancy will be



Send us the job specification for your role(s) , and our recruitment team will analyse and add value where possible



We post the vacancy on some of the leading job boards, increasing the chance of finding quality staff to fill your role



Using our filtering service, bespoke to your needs, we will submit only screened and suitable candidates for your vacancy


  • Can I hire more than one candidate from a campaign?
    All filtered and pre-screened CVs will be sent to you and if you believe they are a good fit for your position, you can hire as many as you like. You pay for our recruiting service rather than the number of CVs.
  • Can you guarantee that I'll get applications?
    Posting a job opening on a job board does not guarantee that you will receive applications or that your position will be filled. This is the same as posting your own job on any other job board or social media platform (e.g. Facebook or LinkedIn). We understand the frustration of a low response to an advertisement, which is why we do everything in our power to assist you in increasing it. We can help you create appealing job specifications, find CVs, and monitor the campaign in case any changes are needed.
  • You're based in Reading... Is that the only location you recruit for?
    Our headquarters are in Reading, but we work with clients all over the UK, assisting organisations in Scotland, Wales, and, of course, England.
  • I don't have a job specification, can you help?
    We've been a recruitment agency since 2005 so we've written hundreds, if not thousands, of job specifications, so we know what attracts applicants to roles on job boards. If you need help writing a job spec or need it tweaked, we will gladly assist you at no extra charge.
  • Will we know if the recruitment campaign is working?
    We will closely monitor each campaign individually, and if we feel the response is too low we will offer suggestions to try and increase applications.
  • When do we receive the CVs that you send us?
    You will receive CVs in real time; as soon as an applicant applies, we will screen them and email them to you (within the time of 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday).
  • We have a recruiter, I don't need your service...
    We understand that you may already have a recruiter working with you at your company; however, this service works in tandem with your recruiter. Your recruiter will still need to attend and arrange interviews, send application forms, apply for references and DBS, etc.
  • I purchased a Recruitment Campaign from you; is there a time limit in which I must use it?
    You may be pleased to know that we offer a generous credit period of 12 months, which means that you have plenty of time to utilise the campaign whenever it is most convenient for you. This extended period is designed to give you the flexibility and peace of mind to plan your recruitment strategy according to your needs and schedule, without having to worry about losing your investment.


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